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As the brand emerged, imitations appeared on the market. It was the first sign that a brand was created. Given the need to protect the consumers from imitations and to maintain the image and reputation of the wine, the I.B.I.S. Company has introduced some significant changes into the market. The old glass bottle design has been replaced by a new one (judging by the consumer reaction – a better one), and the cork stopper has been imported from Italy and has the IBIS sign stamped on it, which guarantees the genuineness of the product. The label has also been printed and adjusted to the new look, bearing the name Muskat Krokan in gold print.

In the year 2000, the I.B.I.S. Company registered the product Muskat Krokan at the Institute for Intellectual Property under the ordinal number 45331, and so the brand Muskat Krokan officially began its life.

The aficionados of this exceptional white wine had been promptly informed of these changes and of placing the original under protection, and thus the reputation of Krokan was preserved.

Of course, that was not all. To satisfy the loyal consumers, Krokan has also been clad in a luxury package, and this prestigious wine became an irreplaceable gift for every important rendezvous, celebration or business meeting.

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