The Product  

Muskat Krokan, an exceptional generic white wine with controlled appellation, is made from an indigenous grapevine variety Muskat Krokan which grows exclusively on the Pearl Island near Novi Bečej, in Banat-Tisa valley vine-growing hills, Vojvodina, northern Serbia. This wine contains 11,5% alcohol. It is bottled in a unique, 0.75 L bottle of original design with a cork stopper.

The variety is susceptible to disease, sensitive to grey fungus and low temperatures. It requires daily attention and there is no perspective of spreading the variety for extensive cultivation. The leaf is of medium size, five-fold and serrated. The grapes are round, weighting up to one gram, yellow-greenish in color, and with a distinct taste and smell. The sandy soil is required and can be cultivated on quicksand without grafting. The must contains 18-20 per cent of sugar, the total content of acids varies from six to seven grams per liter, and the wine contains about half as much sugar and acids.

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